Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery has developed an Australia-wide reputation as the go-to toilet cubicle and shower partitioning installers for small-to-medium businesses and multi-nationals alike.

For those businesses and builders seeking long-lasting professional results, we offer Pro Install.

Pro Install is the convenient alternative to our DIY Flat Packs, offering full supply and installation of partitioning systems. Our licensed installers will take care of the complete installation – no worries.


Step 1 – Consultation

Contact Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery for a design consultation. We will help you choose one of our current innovative partitioning products or custom design a system to meet your unique needs. All of our products and systems are of high quality and meet Australian Standards.

Step 2 – Site Measure

Prior to commencing work, the Kirkbuild team will visit the site to complete a free site measure; alternatively, you can provide the measurements to us.

Step 3 – Installation

A licensed Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery professional will carry out the installation at a convenient time of your choosing. After-hours service also available!

Step 4 – Testing & Clean Up

Upon completion, installers carry out tests to ensure the shower or toilet partitioning meets industry requirements. Additionally, we always return the bathroom to its clean, original condition.

Invest in our full installation service and save time, energy and hassle.