Toilet & Shower Partition Installations

Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery offers an extensive range of partitioning systems for commercial bathrooms and shower blocks.

You’ll find our toilet and shower partitioning systems in business premises all over Australia, from the bathrooms of multi-national high-rises to local community shopping centres.

Our systems offer:


We support environmental sustainability by sourcing the majority of our materials from Laminex. Our durable, impact-resistant materials consist of recycled particles and ensure reduced emission levels.


All systems are responsibly manufactured at the Queensland-based Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery factory. Carrying out the manufacturing process in-house allows us to monitor quality control and provide greater product assurance.

Greater Installation Flexibility

Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery offers two choices for installation:

  • DIY Flat Pack
    Order a fully equipped DIY kit and build the partitions yourself. Ideal for the cost-conscious builder or business on a budget.
  • Pro Install
    Choose an innovative partitioning system and Kirkbuild Commercial Joinery will professionally install it. Ideal for time-sensitive projects and businesses seeking assured quality and peace of mind.